Any suggestions? Open document, make a change, save it, restore original modified date

The situation is this: I have quite a number of Excel documents with a wrong date in them.
This specific date has been copied over from here to there, but is a typo: 25-08 should be 15-09.
Regretfully those files are not nicely sorted in 1 folder.

I can trace those Excel documents and open them 1-by-1, but after the change, they'll an updated modified date, which obviously is quite correct, but is something I do not want. I prefer the original modified date be restored.

The only workaround I can think of is:

  • add modified date to the file name,
  • make and save the change,
  • then change the modified date after date in file name and
  • remove the date from the file name...

That's okay for a few files, but not for may be 20+

Then again, maybe this is the only.

Any suggestions?


I would use the "Copy and Paste Timestamps" functionality of it or some other script there is.
I have copy and paste timestamps as regular items on my context menu (sub menu), as I need it quite often.

EDIT: If you can create a list/collection of all the affected files, you could save and restore timestamps for all of them in one go.

Sorry for the delay.
Many thanks for your suggestion. I am aware of your script and use it regularly.
However, in this scenario, frankly speaking, I didn't think of it... ahum.

Thanks again!