Any way to add a note to a file?

I need to add a simple note (a phrase or short sentence) to various files, such that it would popup in the thumbnail that is already showing up as I move the cursor over a file name. For example, with most (all?) file types I see

Date Modified

fields. If I right click on the file, select Properties, there are other fields available like Text and Summary. Can I take advantage of one of these to add my note ? Well, I am sure I can, but how can I make it appear as one the fields that popup in a thumbnail ?

I think that Opus only shows the extra fields from the Properties dialog in the case of Office documents. If you're only concerned about them then you can add a subset of them to the tooltips. (You can add {subject} and a few others, but some of the others are missing at the moment.)

A more general solution is to use the Set Description command in Opus. (In the default menus it's under File / File Commands) Descriptions that you set this way will appear in Opus's Description column (before any auto-generated description, like an image file's dimensions etc.), and you can add {desc} to the Info Tip to see this.

The descriptions you set are written into hidden files called descript.ion which is also used by a handful of other programs. (It's a defacto standard but not that many things use it.) There are options in Opus which allow you to specify whether descriptions are copied with files.

I found the location to Enable File Info TIps in Preferences, Listers. Mine was already enabled, but where to insert {desc} that you mentioned, I cannot pin down. The tooltip for Enable File Info Tips says I can set it in Opus Content Type System in Preferences, but I cannot locate that. What am I missing ?

Also, it appears from the description that I can only set it at the file type level, not universally across all file types. Is that correct ? It will be laborious to go through all file types adding this, but if must, I must :slight_smile:


Settings / FileTypes / All Files & Folders is where you can set the default infotip.