Any way to @confirm only partial commands?

Hi all
I‘d like use @confirm to displays a confirmation dialog for execute only one of all commands,just like the following

@confirm:Would you Delete all *.ncm files after Converted?|Yes|No

Is it possible to display only the command3 confirmation dialog box after executing the first 2 commands?

Yes, have you tried it?

CreateFolder Folder1
CreateFolder Folder2
@Confirm You are about to create Folder 3. Would you like to Continue?|Yes|No
CreateFolder Folder3

This will create Folder 1 and Folder 2 before asking if you want to create Folder 3.

Is this what you mean?

Yes , that's what I mean

But the first 2 commands are not internal commands of Dopus just like Createfolder,Rename and Copy,but external DOS command.

You could create several UserCommands set to MS DOS Batch Function, as shown below, then run similar code.

@Confirm You are about to create a Folder 3. Would you like to Continue?|Yes|No

Try adding the @runbatch modifier before the @confirm.


Thanks ! This method works well!

Thank you for your reply,I think it will a uesfull method

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