Any way to show recent folders in Go bar?


If I right-click the Up button, there is a "Recent Locations" section.
Is there any way to see this recent folders list on the Go bar, please?

(I activate the Go bar using Hotkey / and function CLI QUICKGO).

Not currently in the FAYT field, but soon.

You can show it in the main path field, however. For example, pushing F4 twice will open the list of recent paths. (First push activates the path field, second push opens its drop-down. You can also click the drop-down arrow on the right of the field.)


I also tried this: Copied "Recent Locations" button and assigned it a hotkey.

Btw, what does soon mean. Version 13? or another 12.x version?

Quick follow up on this:

When we get to Path field, by F4 (or Alt + D), is it possible to have the Down key open the history list?


Not if it doesn’t already work, at least without using something like Autohotkey to change down into F4 when that control has focus.


Yes, currently, Down key doesn't do anything when at path bar (even if I go there by clicking the path bar).

The other thing I noticed: only F4 twice brings up the History list, but pressing the alternatives twice, like Alt+D twice, doesn't do that. Shouldn't the behavior be the same for the alternative hotkeys?

No, it's really just a coincidence. F4 is one of several default hotkeys for giving focus to the path field. (We include the ones that both File Explorer and Chrome use, for example, as people may be used to both.) F4 also happens to be the standard key in Windows to open a drop-down control when it has focus.

I get it now. Thank you for explaining this.

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I believe the down arrow on the far right of the breadcrumb bar opens the history list.

You're right, it does. I was aware of that, but was trying to get it to open with just the Down keyboard button - without using mouse :slight_smile: But the Down key can't do that. So I'm using a Hotkey instead (Any way to show recent folders in Go bar? - #3 by kazeekm)

Hi Leo,

Just to clarify, when I said "Down key", I meant the keyboard Down button.

Not sure if that changes anything, but just clarified in case it looked like I was talking about the Down arrow on the Path bar itself :slight_smile: That does work just fine to open the History list.