Anyone else experience crash/close of opus 81 uni on browsin

anyone else experience crash/close of opus 81 uni on browsing to a root dir of a drive?

doesnt happen all the time....

but seems to be the root of a drive...... sometimes it takes 7 or 8 openings of opus to get to the root of a dir i want to browse to without it closing on me....

There are no known issues in Opus itself which cause such problems. But we do on rare occasions see similar reports.

The usual type of things that can cause such issues are specific types of files which call external applications or libraries, often to look up details.

See if you can narrow down just what you are seeing. Maybe find some reproducible sequence which will give a clue. For example, is it a certain folder or folders, then what common types of files are present in these folders. Also, is it a specific view mode, for example does it more than often happen in Thumbnails mode or for a specific content type. Then see if you can narrow it to a specific file.

Do this first before you make any Opus changes. If you can give us some info on the specific type of file(s) then we have a better chance of understanding what you are seeing.

Such issues can often be addressed by disabling the Movie plugin, or, Listers - Thumbnails - "Use shell extraction for formats Opus does not understand".

found the answer after emailing back and forth with opus support :slight_smile:

the culprit is alcohol !!

not the drinking kind but the 120% image making/burning/mounting kind...

uninstalling it made the problem totally dissapear....

now to figure out how to live without alcohol...... :slight_smile: :frowning:


it's actually gonna be kinda tough...... anyone have any better programs or a way to fix this? or is it just something alcohol 120's people are gonna have to work on on their own?

I've never had any problems with Alcohol and DOpus. But I never used the virtual drive feature of the software.

It your problem comes from this feature and you need it, try to use Daemon Tools.

unfortunately the virtual drive is what i use it for :frowning:
keep the images of games and programs i always use on the hd and one click mount em instead of scrounging for disks...... big time saver :slight_smile: :frowning:

Try Daemon Tools. Works fine with Opus and it's free.