"apertureval" doesn't work

For some reason, i don't get one of the values to work, namely "apertureval".


All other keywords, as taken from

Any ideas?
work without a flaw. I'm using these values in kundal's great script, which you can find here: [url]Tagger]

Ok, it works now.

It did not work at first, with the keyword "apertureval". Prior to that i had "aperture" as the keyword, which was the reason it didn't work before i changed it to the proper keyword.
I restarted Opus a couple of times, but it didn't bring the expected result immediately. But for some reason it's ok meanwhile. Maybe it's an ahk thing, because there is an ahk related issue
with scripts, that wouldn't finish after usage of Tagger, spawning lots of DOS processes in Opus' tree, so maybe that's the reason why the keyword was only picked up in a later session.

Hmm, very strange. I'm just working on a new set of images, and this time "apertureval" is gone again. Of course it's still there in Tagger's settings (see the list above), so i wonder how this can happen. :open_mouth:

Ok, i found the reason now. It seems, like with certain cameras/lenses there is no "apertureval" available for some reason. With the Fuji X10, there is, with the Samsung NX1000 it's not. But i found a better solution. I just use "fnumber" now, instead of "apertureval", which always shows the correct information, and which is basically the same thing. :thumbsup: