Application toolbar not editable


Recently I installed DirectoryOpus 10.0 for the first time (new user).
When I make the application toolbar visible there are some example applications already added to it at default and a button: "<< Edit as required".
Somehow that button doesn't work (doesn't do anything).
When I make the toolbar floating and click that button then the toolbar is closed/ disappears.
From there I have to open the toolbars menu to checkmark "applications" again to make the toolbar visible again.

Seems like a bug or am I doing something wrong?
Any other way to change the applications inthere?


To edit a toolbar you first need to go into Customize mode, which you can do via Tools -> Customize.

Once in that mode you can right-click and double-click mode toolbar and menu items to edit them, as well as drag them around (or off the toolbar completely).

I don't have the Applications toolbar to hand but I suspect the "<< Edit as required" item was only meant to be a message indicating that the buttons were placeholders that could be edited, not something that does anything when clicked.

There's a Toolbar Editing video in the Tutorials part of this forum that you might find useful for learning the basics.

Or right click anywhere on the toolbar/s Roberto.

Guess who.

Well, as he is a new user just sort of learning to navigate Opus... certainly some pointers on properly customizing buttons will be helpful. But the behavior he's seeing does seem like a minor bug:

If I click on my 'toolbar list' button and activate (for instance, but not limited to) the "Applications" toolbar... then right click on it to "Float" it... the initial position of the floating bar is moved mostly OFF screen. In this initial state, clicking on either the A Sample Toolbar using direct paths or <- Edit as required buttons causes the floated toolbar to be sent to the background. It probably "appeared" to RobertoM that the toolbar had closed (which is what he stated happened)... as there is no way to bring that floated toolbar back to the foreground and he'd only have noticed it still being open if he had minimized all other windows.

To be sure, the initial state of a toolbar floated in this way is to NOT be "On Top"... but just the same it seems wrong that the toolbar gets sent out of the foreground just from clicking on one of these non-button buttons. And this actually does NOT happen if you first drag the floating toolbar further onto screen (i.e. from it's initial state of being opened / floated mostly OFF screen). It only seems to happen with certain types of buttons... I have my own custom toolbars that I can repeat this "sent to the background" behavior with... though most buttons don't cause it.

Hardly what I'd call a big issue - but confusing for new users I'd imagine.

EDIT: I just testing open a toolbar "floated" right from the start... it doesn't open partly OFF screen like right clicking a docked bar and floating it from the context menu does... but just the same, clicking one of these buttons causes it to be sent to the background. Little weird.

Hi Everybody,

Thanks so much for the quick and -thorough- (!) replies :stuck_out_tongue:

Leo, yippieee; that route works... thanks!

Robin?! Whoeaaah! Didn't expect you to be here! Looking for help? :slight_smile:)) Hmm, as you noticed I'm still in the process of getting the hang of DO; thought once having good impression I'd let you know my experiences instead of bits and pieces spread over time :stuck_out_tongue: So I'll contact you later :wink:
Anyway, your suggestion works flawlessly, too; how could I have missed that?? I must have been in the right-click menus of the other toolbars to get the Drives bar showing up (and later floating) but somehow didn't think of right-clicking empty space on that particular bar :frowning:

Steje: Yep, your suspection confirmed over here. The disappearing bar indeed was not gone but floating behind the DO main dialog. Also: when set to float the bar is always partly off-screen.

Thanks you all,

...I must have been in the right-click menus of the other toolbars to get the Drives bar showing up (and later floating) but somehow didn't think of right-clicking empty space on that particular bar :frowning: ...
Correction: overlooked "customize" IN the right-click menu as I was able to let it float, allright. Weird, though: it sits there loud and clear :frowning: