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Apply 'global filters' to a folder format to show file and folders

In folder's option, there are Hide Filters / Show Filters tab, but their options is less than the global filters.

I want to show file and folders which are new added or modified in some folder. in Show Filters tab there have not this option.

I'm not sure what you mean. Preferences / Folders / Global Filters doesn't have options for filtering by time either.

You can filter by time using the Select command and a filter (different type of filter; the word is quite overloaded), but that's a one-off operation that you'd have to keep re-applying to update what is shown/hidden.

Sorry, I mess the Preferences / Folders / Global Filters and Preferences / File Operations / Filters.

Is that possible to apply a filter in Preferences / File Operations / Filters to some folder's format ?

Not really. The complex file operation filters can only be applied via Find or Select. They would also only be evaluated once at the time you applied them, not forever like the wildcard and attribute filters which can be part of folder formats and the global filter preferences.

You could have a script which automatically applies a complex filter when you change to certain folders, but it would still not apply the filter to files which were created after you changed folders.

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Thank you for your reply. sounds like there's no perfect solution for this, use script to auto reapply filter may affect efficiency.