Archiving folders based on age

Hi Folks,

I have tried searching the forum and trying out some of the available solutions but cannot seem to find a method that does exactly what I want.

We have a virtual (DFS based) drive S: on our network and this contains department folders and data, for example S:\Accounts S:\Sales etc. I also have an Archived Data folder in this S: Drive.

What I would like to do is to go through each department folder and if the last modified or accessed date is > than 3 years then move it into S:\Archived Data<orig dept folder name><orig file path> keeping the ACL intact for the file/folder.

I would like this to run recursively with all sub-folders/files so all I need to do is click on the root department folder on my S:\ drive and click a button to automatically archive everything inside said folder based on criteria above.

I'm not good with scripting. Would someone be able to suggest the best way to go about this.

Many thanks in advanced.


P.S. I am using DOpus 12.12.1 beta x64 with a full PRO licence. My forum account is linked to my old account.

Setup a filter like this
and use Filtered Operations for the Copy command.


I tried this and cannot get it to work.