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Are Context Menu Favourites possible in DOpus?


More specificially, a shell extension for Windows Explorer to display shortcuts to favorite folders and files in a single menu.

Something like this app:


You can add the Favorites list/tree to several context menus within Opus.

Which context menu do you have in mind?


Well, right-clicking in an empty space so that I could select a Favourite folder would be very nice.


You can edit that one via:

  • Settings > Customize > Context Menus > Lister Context

With Customize mode still open, you can open the default favorites menu (on the toolbar directly above/attached to the file display) and copy the items you want out of it and into the Lister Context menu, via right-clicking and using Copy/Paste.


Thanks, but it doesn’t seem possible.


What doesn’t seem possible?


From where you are in the screenshot:

  • Right click the thing you want from the favorites menu, choose Copy.

  • Right-click near where you want it to go, choose Paste.

Alternatively, you can drag items from one thing to the other. (Hold Ctrl down to make it copy them rather than move them, if you don’t want to remove them from the original menu.)

Options to create new sub-menus, if desired, are in the right-click menu on the menu/toolbar being edited or an existing button on it. Right-click where you want the menu to be.

When done, click OK in the Customize window.


Well, Leo suggested

As you can see in my screenshot in my previous reply, the default Favourites menu is empty. When in fact there are items in there.


“Favorite Locations” is the one you want to copy. It expands into the list of favorite folders when you leave Customize mode.


Ah that did it. Thank you.