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Are the devs the same guys that built for the Amiga version?

Hello. I'm just curious who GPSoftware is. I get the feeling you are a small group. Have all you guys been here since the Amiga days? By the way Amiga is awesome.
(if devs don't answer this, please feel free to answer for them)

IIRC Jon started things off, possibly Greg as well (I may be doing Greg an injustice there). Leo contributed in some way but wasn't part of the team, like he is now. I haven't read the linked article for a while but I think that explains in more detail.


Before Directory Opus was blended into GP Software, I used GP Fax. It was fax software for your Amiga so you could send and receive faxes. Dr. @Greg Perry also had EasyLedgers and GP Touch, but I can't recall what GP Touch did. It was too long ago and I don't recall owning it. I never needed accounting software on my Amiga, so I didn't have EasyLedgers either.

But, to answer the question posed in your subject, @Jon Potter was the developer of Directory Opus. I believe (but might be wrong) that DOpus didn't fall under GP Software's umbrella until Directory Opus 4. Prior to that, Jon was on his own.


The interview you linked is a must-read for DOpus fans :slight_smile: