Are there any plans to update the graphic customization of DOpus?

Hi there. I dont know if this is the correct category, if not im sorry.
I love DOpus and its huge potential. Honestly cant live now without their tools, but as a UI designer I cant help but feel that the appeareance of the interface is old at minimun. Ive been trying to customize colors, fonts and so on in order to make it look modern and appealing to me but if im truly honest the customization is very very limited and full of weird interactions. So I was wondering if there is some kind of visual update planned, or more power to the customization system.

If thats not the case I was also thinking that maybe if I do a detailed list of examples of all the things that can not be done it would be helpfull for the developers.

The problem I faced when looking for a substitution of the windows file explorer is that everything looked old, like very old and that can set back a lot of potential users/buyers so I really do think that this would make a huge difference.

Yes, we have plans to expand on what you can customize.

But if you want something specific, please be specific. "More modern" doesn't mean anything.

Thanks for your answer!
Sorry if maybe sounded rude. Of course "more modern" doesnt mean anything I was asking wether if I a document would help because is not something spedific like "id like to change the color of the icons of the toolbar" its more like a list of features.
Agin, I dont want to be rude or to overstep in anyones work so if thats the case or if this document im talking about is unnecesary im sorry

PS: Can I ask for more details about those plans?

We are open to suggestions so, if you have ideas or requests, please state them so we know what you want and can consider adding them (or explaining how you can already do them, if that's the case).

It's generally better to put unrelated requests into their own threads. But if it's lots of very similar things then it might make sense to combine them. As I still don't know what kind of things you have in mind, it's hard to say what's best. :slight_smile:

They aren't finished enough to announce in detail yet, but we will be making a lot more colors configurable as well as redesigning some UIs.

Thank u so much!
Ill try to make this document as clear as possible. Still excited about those changes that you are talking about