Are these duplicate commands, toolbars, etc. after upgrade?


I'm currently running a trial of DOpus 9, having upgraded from DOpus 8 keeping my original configuration settings.

On the "Confirm File Replace" dialog when I click the drop-down arrow on the "Replace" button there appear to be more options than usual.

The options that I have available are "Replace, Replace All, Rename New, Rename New (All), Rename Old, Rename Old (All)".

I was wondering if the references to "Old" commands are those from DOpus 8, and references to "New" commands are new versions for DOpus 9 ?

Also, I appear to have duplicate toolbars in some cases, for example, ListerMenu and ListerMenu (1).

I'm assuming that I'm referring to configuration settings, etc. that are "left over" from DOpus 8, is there anyway to "clean up" without affecting my DOpus 9
configuration settings, that is, remove any toolbars, commands, etc. that are no longer needed?

If I'm misunderstanding anything, then please accept my apologies.

Many thanks for your help and for the great upgrade.

Kind regards,


In the replace dialog, Rename New will automatically rename the new file and leave the old file so you keep both files without overwriting anything. Rename Old will rename the old file to "Filename (Original).ext" and then copy the new file over.

Rename Old is good for when you want to replace a file and keep a backup of the previous version, for example.

In the toolbar list, the toolbars with "(1)" at the end are backups of your old toolbars. If you did any customisation you can copy your buttons out of them to the main toolbars, or you could even turn off the main toolbars and turn on the "(1)" versions if you like (but you'll lose some of the new/improved default buttons). If you don't want the "(1)" toolbars anymore you can delete them via the Customize dialog.