Args in VBScript User Command

Here is a simple test user command defined with a template of folder/K

@script vbscript Function OnClick(data) DOpus.output "folder: " & data.func.args.folder End Function
When executed as follows, the debug output is shown

Test folder="c:\program files"
Test folder=c:\program files

Since the supplied string c:\program files contains a space it needs to be quoted in order to be treated as a single entity. When executed without the quotes I expected the argument for folder to resolve to c:\program and the balance of the supplied (unquoted) string to be orphaned since the template only defines one argument. The resulting error is something of a surprise

Regards, AB

The unexpected token "files" caused command line parsing to fail.

Yes, understood. I expected an error message along those lines.

Regards, AB

Unfortunately there's no feedback for that currently. Command line parsing happens before the script even starts - it's not a script error as such.