ARM: Dialog boxes do not follow dark mode

I use the dark mode and everything is dark except for the dialog windows like the Preferences window or the new folder window. These are still light. Most text and dropdown boxes have a dark background but the text is also black (as is the case in a light theme), so I cannot read anything. It's a mixed bag of light and dark mode.
When I select light mode, kind of the opposite happens with the menus and dropdown boxes.
I looked through all color settings, but I don't see a place to change this.

DO 13.0.44 in Windows 11 22H2 build 22621 in a Parallels ARM virtual machine on macOS 14.


Are you running anything that changes the way other software looks? There may be a conflict with that.

It's a minimalistic installation. When I looked at the installed apps I saw DO 12. I uninstalled this. Then I had to reinstall 13. Still the same issue though.
Oh, and with this reinstall I now use the default settings. I did not yet restore my own.

Another possibility is that the API hooks dark mode requires do not work on ARM/Parallels. Unfortunately, I don't have a MacOS machine to test that with.

If that's the case, wouldn't dark mode work at all? Or do the dialog windows utilize different API hooks than the primary DO interface?

For what's it worth, I never experienced any issues with DO 12. The UI elements were not in the wrong color. But I guess everything in DO 13 is build from the ground up so it's difficult to compare.

Looks like it is to do with ARM. Jon has access to an ARM machine and sees the same on there.

Opus 12 didn't hook the OS to make standard dialogs and controls dark. (Which is still the only way to make it happen everywhere, thanks to Microsoft not actually finishing dark mode in Windows.)

We'll see if we can get dark mode it to work with ARM in the future, but it may not be something we can do before the initial release. A native ARM build may solve things, but has its own complications that need looking into in detail.

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