Art of rally theme

Art of rally wall paper 2.dlt (7.3 MB)
This a theme
um yea
the layout was mostly provied by thiojoe
the backround was form art of rally wallpaper
there might be some bugs with the image

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Looks like the theme applies images to specific toolbars and folders, which means the background image may not work with all setups (especially if the same custom toolbars aren't in use).

Opus 13 also won't apply those elements, as we've dropped support for themes changing individual toolbars and folders (as it didn't really work).

I made a quick modification that works in Opus 13, and which changes the image opacity and colors a bit to make text easier to read (at least on my screen):

Art of rally wall paper 2 (mod).dlt (3.1 MB)

Not tested much, of course. Also note that there is quite a heavy performance impact from having lots of backgrounds and blending like this.

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