[ask]Directory Opus with Leopard brico pack

Hi, I have a problem with Leopard bricopack v1.00 by nobody, I just installed it, the problem seems to come from directory opus program, an explorer replacement from GP software, all the menu in the dopus explorer seems to overlapped at each other

On my first quess, it seems that Dopus didn't work with the sub component of Leopard bricopack, the one which alter the position of windows "close", "minimize", "enlarge" from the right side of explorer to the left side of the explorer

The problem is which one is the subcomponent that needs to disabled, so my dopus explorer has it normal menu again ?


I don't know what Leopard bricopack is but you probably just need to turn off Settings -> Preferences / Listers / Options: Enable pins in Lister title bars and Enable zoom buttons in Lister title bars.

If that doesn't work, go to Preferences / Miscellaneous / Options and turn on WindowBlinds compatibility mode. (Note: It is a tri-state checkbox. Click it until it is ticked.)

@Leo, thanks, it works flawlessy