Ask for copy destination, remembering previous as default

I have a button that contains Copy MOVE TO=ask

Each time I drag a file to it, it defaults to a directory, but if I change that choice, I want it to be remembered as default for the next time I drag a file to that button.

Can be done?

Also apologies to the moderator - I didn't read about using more descriptive subjects until after I posted this message..

Short of using a script the best way I can think of to do this would be with a folder alias. It's not quite what you asked for but it gives you a way to set and change the default folder.

First you would need to define a folder alias in

Prefs/Favorites & Recent/Folder Aliases

In my example I called my alias MyFolder and I told it to point to C:\test folder\

Next change your button to something like this:

Copy MOVE TO={dlgfolder|Folder to move files to|/MyFolder}

And the default folder to move files to will always be the one you defined as an alias. To change the default folder, simply edit your folder alias in prefs again.