Assign a label to a file that is currently not open in any lister?

I know how to do with the currently selected file, I am having some trouble passing path to the label command instead.

Properties SETLABEL=Green ADDLABEL "C:\Users\....\downloads\New Database.odb"

ADDLABEL takes an optional parameter, so that would be parsed the same as this:

Properties SETLABEL=Green ADDLABEL="C:\Users\....\downloads\New Database.odb"

Try this:

Properties SETLABEL=Green ADDLABEL FILE="C:\Users\....\downloads\New Database.odb"

Or this would also do the same thing, but is less explicit:

Properties "C:\Users\....\downloads\New Database.odb" SETLABEL=Green ADDLABEL

That's exactly what I was looking for.
These examples will come in handy with Opus and especially DopusRt and Powershell.
Thanks Leo!