Assign file ext to open with Opus instead of media player

Can someone tell me please how do I get files with an extension of .swa to open with the Opus audio player?

.swa files are basically .mp3 files with a different extension, this means windows media player as well as anything else that is capable of playing mp3 files can open and play these files.

If I double click on these files I get the normal window asking me what program it should use to open these files. I've selected WMP at the moment and it opens fine and plays. However I want to use the internal Opus audio player that opens when I double click .wav files. How can I assign .swa files to the Opus audio player instead of WMP?


Maybe rename them to .mp3 :wink:?

Lol now why didn't I think of that.

This is the file format for a Macromedia product I use and it uses these .swf (shockwave audio) files. Unfortuanlty if I renamed them they would cease to function within this software.

I take it by your answer then that its not possible to assign a file etc to the Opus audio player?

You can assign it but it doesn't seem to work.

I think the simple audio player in Opus may check for the .mp3 file extension as even if I create a SWA filetype so the files successfully play in Windows Media Player (which will be using the same underlying systems as Opus for playback), the Opus audio player still doesn't like them.

There may be more to it than that, though. I recently discovered that MPEG and MP3 stopped playing inside Opus on one of my machines and, for some reason, just telling Windows Media Player to take over their associations fixed the problem. It's still fixed even after re-associating the files with a different media player so creating the association must have repaired something else in the registry which is needed for playback in Opus to work. (Maybe MIME types? I don't know and I can't check now as everything works...)

The weird thing there was that MPEG and MP3 files did still play in Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic.

...But it may just be a simple, hard-coded file extension check. Opus often looks at the contents of files, rather than their extensions, to work out their formats but the audio player in Opus is very basic so it wouldn't surprise me too much if it looked at extensions instead.

Well at the moment i've associated the .swa files with Windows Media player and they open fine with it.

It's still that I like the Opus simple player because its a lot faster and smaller, and when you just want to quickly listen to a load of files its a better choice then the full blow WMP opening every time.

Oh well, never mind. Thanks for the feedback guys.