Assigning ratings for over 15,000 files freezes parts of Opus

I have an issue with mass changing of ratings for JPGs. The scenario is, i have a growing number of images that are to be rated between 1 to 5 stars. I have a collection of images, that are supposed to get a 3 star rating. If i try to select them all, and click the 3-rating button (running a simple SETATTR META rating:3 command), the progress window seems to freeze halfways. Only the animation is running, the pause button is still functional, but aborting doesn't work. I have waited for several minutes, in case it takes some while to get to 1%, but since the initial 'current object' doesn't even change, i would say that the process is hanging. Is there any approach to alleviate this issue? I know, that dealing with large amounts of metadata is a challenge.


Process Snapshots made while the problem is happening might reveal what's going wrong.

Thanks. I have made a snapshot, but it is a whopping 700MB file. Meanwhile i will try to let Opus run more than 5 minutes, maybe it will eventually start applying the ratings. Because i just hat some other collection with ~5,000 files, which acted like it was frozen, but after maybe 5-10 minutes it started assigning the new ratings.

Yes, you probably just need a bit more patience. Many files, probably rather large, maybe on an HDD, perhaps connected via USB... reading and writing all that metadata will take some time.

True. Even scrolling down in that very long list to some random position would take a while, before the ratings would show up in the column. And with every PgDn the whole thing repeats. I guess, Opus is fetching the metadata for all the files the current scroll position is showing, instead of holding all metadata in RAM beforehand. by the way, that big list may already contain 3-star rated items, so part of the operation would be redundant. I have tried sorting the column prior to the operation, but that is also very sluggish, so i sticked to the plan to rate the files entirely from scratch.