Associate filetypes

Hi guys,

I have my image filetypes set to run different applications depending on the key click I press before double clicking. I need to use Windows Fax and Image Viewer (WFIV), which I find useful for quickly printing multiple images on one sheet of paper, but I can't seem to set Opus up to use it.

I've since dicovered that WFIV is an application extension in the System32 folder called shimgvw.dll, which means nothing to me by the way, but I don't have a clue of how to add the path to Left Double-Click + Ctrl event.

Can anyone help me out please?



Do you mean the viewer you get if you (shift) right-click an image file and select Preview?

(I get the Windows Photo Viewer here on Windows 7. Not sure if that's the replacement for the Windows Fix & Image Viewer or if they are two different things.)

Yeah, that's the one Leo.

I've since discovered that the command to run WIFV is "rundll32.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\shimgvw.dll,ImageView_Fullscreen" but I can't get this to work properly, it will only display the viewer with the text "No preview availble".

Use this command:

ContextMenu VERB="preview"

That works a treat but is there any way I can add the fucntion to the Left Double-Click + Ctrl event as well...? If not, no worries, this method works fine.

That command should work on the Left Double-Click + Ctrl event as-is.

Unless I've done something wrong, I can't seem to get it to work. Instead the images open in Photoshop.

I've tried this on my home computer running Windows 7 and it works perfectly. Strange!!!

Hi there blueroly... so, if you're saying the "preview" verb is "working" but just opening the selected file in a different app from one computer to another - that will be due to the other app (Photoshop - for instance) being set to run for that verb against that filetype on one computer but not the other. I don't use Photoshop - so if you've got it installed on both computers and only one has Photoshop asserting control over the "preview" verb - then I can't say whether or not there might be some option in the program somewhere to perhaps disable that (which would be the preferable way to give control back to the shell image viewer...).

You could otherwise check some of the "usual" places in the registry... Leo wrote a nifty little utility called FileTypeDiag that you can use to dump out the registry info from each of your computers and then compare the output against one another to see what things are configured differently. I think he updated the tool not that long ago to follow the "PerceivedType" set for a filetype, and then capture the relevant settings for that perceived type... and I'm smelling that your systems will have something configured differently under the HKCR\SystemFileAssociations\image key pointed to by the usual PerceivedType set for most image files (i.e. image)... although some programs may often "change" the PerceivedType value to something reflecting a program specific name (like "Photoshop.image" as an example) of the file extensions they are trying to manage.

Give a yell if you need a hand looking at the data...

Hi Steje,

Thanks for the imformative reply but as it happened, when I returned to work a week or so later, everything was working fine... strange.

I think I'll take a look at Leo's utility though, seems like it could be very useful.

Thanks again,