@async shortcuts

Making Similar Default Listers of two different computers that mostly have the same apps installed.
I was thinking of activating Lister Customize and drag/drop desktop shortcuts directly to Lister Menu Buttons.
I did a test and this is the code

@async:"C:\Program Files\RadialMenu\RadialMenu.exe" {filepath|noterm}

it better to have a direct link to the folder or app exe?
Usually I only use "Go" or just a path name if it's a folder.

Better than what?

If the question is whether or not you want the @async, it depends on whether or not you want each command to be run in parallel or for each one to wait for the previous one before the next runs.

(In this case, it'll only make a real difference when multiple files are selected, and it also depends on how RadialMenu.exe works anyway.)