Auto-collapse folder tree / Maximize favorites drop-down

Im currently tweaking my setup but Ive run into a few issues. Im not that fantastic with the inner working of Dopus so Ive hit a bit of a brick wall.

First issue
The folder tree. I would like it to automatically collapse when I leave a folder. I cant find the option for this.

Second issue
Ive just discovered the address bar with the favourites list. Is there a way to maximise the drop down so I dont have to scroll?

Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Collapse non-selected branches.

Why not use the Favorites menu instead? Then you don't lose all the breadcrumbs functionality.

(By default, click the gold star to the left of the address field to open the Favorites menu.)

PS: Please Ask one question per thread

Hmm I have Collapse non-selected branches ticked but it doesnt seem to behave like I want it to.

Yes Ive since realized that the breadcrumb address bar is far too useful to loose.

How does it differ from what you want?

What I would like to happen is ....

I go to Drive:/folder/folder/folder I then go back to root I would like the tree to collapse as I go back. This does not happen. Instead it remains open until I go somewhere new. Furthermore when I reopen the last drive I accessed the entire tree is still open

I see. Yes, it won't collapse when you just go up a level in the branch you're already in.

I think if it did it might turn out to be quite annoying though, since it would make it difficult to go up and then into a sibling folder of the one you were just in, which is very common.

Ah well its a minor thing. My idea is probably more cosmetic than useful.

There is still a way to do this, which I often do and that's to select a sibling of the higher-level folder. So, if you were in A --> AA --> AAA and you want to go up to A but not see AA and AAA anymore, you can just switch to B and then back to A.

@Leo, sometimes this is needful when you have quite a long list of folders in a sub-folder. If we don't collapse that branch, we end up scrolling a lot to see where we want to swtich to next.