Auto-hiding specific file types, making "invisible"

Hi all,

I've got a program that automatically generates backup files that need to sit in the same root folder and it's making everything look quite messy (and long!). Is there a way to classify these .bak files and tell Opus to make them invisible?

What an amazing program! Any help appreciated.


Yes, you can easily do that. Just open -> preferences -> folders -> global filters -> activate global wildcard filter. You can an *.bak there, or, if there are more file types to hide, something like b[/b].

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By the way, you can also do this on a per-folder base, using the folder options (in settings -> tools -> hide filter [tab]).

Wow. So simple! Thanks for the quick fix.


I want to do this but with a little difference.
I want to automatically hide .bak files but with a button toggle them on off.
I have a button to hide them but I want the files to be automatically hidden when I open a folder and only show if i use my button.

The easiest way is to hide them using one of the solutions above, then when you want to see them use the Show Everything mode to toggle all filtering on and off. (Then it works with any other filters you use in other folders, too.)

See near the middle/end of here for how to use it.

That is a very good solution, but can you do it so it will effect all open tabs? Not just the active tab