Auto opening of Word temp files

Whenever I have a docx file open, and the cursor passes by the WM-Word temp file (~*****.docx), a text coding selection dialogue box automatically opens in a new instance of Word (screen grab below). I have to dismiss the dialogue box as well as close the new Word window.

Can't figure out how to turn off this behaviour in DP (fantastic program BTW).

Is this happening when you select the temp file, or just when you move the mouse over it?

If it's when you select the file, is the viewer pane also open?

Or, if it's when you move the mouse over it, does it seem connected to showing an info-tip for the file? As in, do you have to have the mouse over the file for a second or so before it triggers?

Thanks for your reply Leo.

It happens instantly when I move the mouse over it. The viewer pane is open (screen grab of the settings below). It does not seem connected to showing a file info-tip, given that the Word instance / text format dialogue box opens instantly.

Thanks again.

That's strange; just crossing over a file should not trigger anything normally. Unless the file is being selected (e.g. single-click/point-to-select mode is on), or unless it's also happening when doing other things as well (might mean requesting details about the file in the background is triggering it somehow).

Does it still happen if the viewer pane is closed?

So, it is only happening when the viewer pane is open. The behaviour stops when it's closed. I don't have single-click/point-to-select mode on, and I can't see anything else happening when the behaviour is triggered. I've made a quick video gif showing the behaviour.

The gif shows that the mouse pointer isn't moving at all, and temp file is being selected (via the keyboard?), which will cause it to be opened in the viewer.

So opening the temp file in Word's preview handler is probably what's causing the issue.

If you do the same thing in File Explorer, with its viewer pane open, do you get a similar result?

You're right - I did select the ~ file via keyboard. If I hover the mouse over it, nothing happens. If I mouse click once on the file (single-click mode is not on) it happens.

This same behaviour does occur in File Explorer, with the preview pane open.

That makes sense now, and it's something the Word viewer (which is part of MS Office, not Opus) is doing when asked to display those files.

On the Opus side, we could block the viewer from opening ~*.doc files, but then it wouldn't be possible to open a normal doc file which was named that way on purpose.

Since it affects all software that uses it, including File Explorer, it's something that Microsoft should fix in their viewer. I don't know if it's worth the report it to them or not.

Understood Leo. Trying to get MS to fix this seems like more of a challenge than I want to handle. At least the problem has been identified. Thanks for your help.

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