Auto refreshing Citrix ShareFile locally mapped cloud drive

only notice when moving, copying, in dual pane from one Citrix ShareFile folder to/from another ShareFile folder that I have to hit F5 to refresh or change to a different folder and come back.

no biggee, but is there an option I can select to auto refresh a cloud drive directory?

Best place to start:

Went thru all the steps except for the logging.

i was surprised to see the File Explorer instantly displays moved files in the target folder when those files are moved from the source folder in one DO right pane to the target folder in the left DO dual pane.

But File Explore does not refresh the source folder until hitting F5 etc.

Neither source nor target panes in the DO dual pane screen auto refresh.

btw, if I could just refresh DO without the display moving vertically down and then up, which is a bit dizzying, that would help.

It sounds like the issue is with Citrix ShareFile not sending change notifications properly / reliably, if it's also affecting File Explorer in some places.

Maybe there's a setting within Citrix ShareFile that can fix things, but I am not familiar with it.