Auto rename files?

I may be wrong but I very faintly think I remember that in Directory Opus there was the ability to have it automatically rename files if they were detected?

i.e. I NEVER want to have a file with he .jpeg extension on my computer; so I'd like for Directory Opus to automatically rename any .jpeg file it detects to .jpg. (long story as to why I want this).

I saw the Filter area in settings and setup a filter for .jpeg, but not sure on what else to do to accomplish this, or even if that filter was necessary in the process.

Is this do-able, or maybe I'm remember this from something else, somewhere else in my journeys across the interwebs?


You could make a hotkey or toolbar button which runs rename *.jpeg to *.jpg and click that when you see some .jpeg files.

You could also set up a filter that highlights *.jpeg files in red so you can see if any need renaming more easily, and know when to push the button.

If you really want to automate it, so you don't have to push a button or hotkey, you could use a script. I think that would be a very bad idea, though. For example, if you went into a program's data folder to look at something and renamed some of its .jpeg data files .jpg, it then would not be able to find them the next time you ran it and you'd have no idea why parts of it had stopped working.