Auto scrolling nested directory structure left to right

When I open a lister I have the directory tree in the left pane. If I click on a nested folder lets say 5 levels deep, it will automatically open all dir's from the root down to the nested folder I clicked on. Now I dont care that it does that so much, but it also scrolls the text of the now 'opened' directories to the right which in turn pushes the folders abouve the nested target folder off the screen to the left.

Basically I just want it to not open all folders automatically when I click a deep nested folder/directory/file.

Please advise and thank you !


If you click the padlock icon in the title bar of the folder tree it will lock it and prevent it from changing automatically (i.e. it will no longer expand to show you the currently selected folder).

Oh wow ... I should have guesed that !! Thank you so much :slight_smile:


That version is a year and a half old now. I'd recommend updating to the latest one.

Please also link your account.

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oh yes ... I bought it a long time ago but just started using it again :slight_smile: I will try to do the linking here tonight.

Thanks :slight_smile: