Auto Select the same File Name

I'm using 9.5.5 64 (Style:Commander) I would like to have the right window select the second occurrence of duplicate file match. At that point I will overview and possible eliminate some choices before I delete. SO I would be better off to have the selections noted by using Check Box. I have several thousand records to check this way, hundreds of folders. Every folder I go into has this check that must be made.


Does the Duplicate Finder tool in Opus not do what you want? (It's in the Tools menu by default.)

Using the "Flat File (Mixed No Folders)" I end up finding a lot of duplicates, which I have to delete.
The suggestion did not work but thanks.


Can you give more detail on:

a) What you mean by a duplicate file. (Just the name? Name, size and date? Contents as well? Other criteria?)

b) What is it about the Duplicate Finder tool that means it doesn't work for what you're trying to do? (It's hard to suggest an alternative method without knowing what's wrong with the usual one.)

Duplicate file name. Size don't matter.

I'm trying to clean up 30,000 files. Using the Flat file approach I can find duplicates. The top file is an artist name such as Buddy Holly. All the sub directories have an album name with the songs related to the album. With Flat File , when I select Buddy Holly, I will have many duplicates that I want to delete. If I can select, automatically, the first occurrence of the duplicate than view and delete if needed. Not all duplicates need to be deleted.


If you're searching for duplicates based on filename (i.e. you want to see a list of files with the same names and delete some of them) then that's exactly what Opus's Duplicate Finder tool can do.

The Duplicate Finder tool is unrelated to Flat View.

You've still not explained what it is about the Duplicate Finder tool which doesn't work for what you're trying to do. Have you tried using it?