Auto selecting listers ...?

I've been thinking ... would there be any value in having "auto selecting" listers?

In that, I mean that whatever lister you have the pointer on becomes "selected". So many times I don't realize I haven't selected the lister I'm trying to perform an action on ... I wonder if there is any value in this.

I might have missed a setting that lets you do this - but I don't recall seeing one.

Has anyone else felt this way? Has Team Dopus ever tried the program this way and put it before a group of testers in the past and seen if there is any value?

I'm not sure if it would be fantastic, or if it would seriously piss me off to have that behavior.


Not exactly sure what you mean - you want the window underneath the pointer to go active to save clicking on it?

Right, in the case of the listers - no need for viewerpane, tree, etc. Just the lister so that when you leave, it's still selected until you physically move into the OTHER lister.

Maybe this isn't a good idea after all ...