Auto selecting '..' root folder on entry?

While there is an option to select the first item on entry (Automatically select first file in folder) I'm unable to make it work so that the optional '..' (root folder) is selected. How this can be achieved? I'm newcomer, but I'm long time user of other file managers and they behave as that. It is useful for peeking at folder content just by pressing Enter twice.

Minor other question is it possible to tune up the colouring so each other row in the Detail mode has different colours? Kinda strip view (see the image attached).

You could do it with a script that runs Select PREV after entering the folder (maybe after checking that the first normal item in the folder is selected, in case the folder was opened to highlight a particular item).

But, even easier than that, is pushing Return to enter the folder and then Backspace to go back up. The two keys are right next to each other, and that's something I do all the time. (Also means the .. item isn't needed at all.) May take some re-training of muscle memory but wouldn't take long.

Under Preferences / File Display Modes / Details, turn on the Horizontal grid and select the solid block from the drop-down.

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Thank you for the ideas! I haven't noticed that solid block (I assumed all items are just in-rows splits).

As for the navigation, it's not my cup of tea to move my finger from the Enter up to the backspace and back. I know it may sounds picky, but these small things are important to me :sweat_smile:
I'm going to try to learn about scripting and see whether and how to do that Select thing...

Hoozah! Took me quite a lot of time, but there I go! My 1st javascript and my first script for DOpus:

function OnAfterFolderChange (afterFolderChangeData)
    if (afterFolderChangeData.result == false)
    if ( < 1)
    if (afterFolderChangeData.action == "dblclk")
        cmd = DOpus.Create.Command ();
        cmd.SetSourceTab (;
        cmd.RunCommand ("Select PREV");

can u please explain me where u put this script in ?

Thank u

Save this: Select .. on folder change.js.txt (732 Bytes)

Then drag it to Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts.