Autohide Delay for taskbar toolbars?

I've created a taskbar toolbar that resides at the top of my screen (it is not attached to the windows taskbar, I kept that at the bottom)
It works great except that using Firefox I'm constantly triggering it and having to wait for it to "hide" again. It's bad enough to where I'll likely not be able to use it if I can't adjust it somehow.

Is it possible to add a simple "delay unhide" setting? If not can this be added to the feature requests?

The other issue I was having is that by adding it to the bottom taskbar, it was twice as large as the stock windows taskbar and I could not find a way to make it smaller after trying several options, so I just stuck it at the top.

I also use "True Launch Bar" which does have this feature and could go that route, but I'd prefer to stay with Opus on this if possible.

W10 Enterprise, Opus 12.1 Pro

You can control the animation speed of the slide in and slide out: Preferences / Toolbars / Options / Slide auto-hide floating Toolbars when hiding and revealing.

It's great to control the speed of the animation, guess I was looking for a way to control the actual trigger speed. If you try it, you'll notice it triggers instantly which is where it gets in the way a little for me. Maybe something to consider for a future update...probably doesn't affect that many people I know. Thanks for the help.

This post is a little old, but is there any chance that this function might every get added to Opus? The lack of a delay is SOOOO incredibly frustrating!!! I've tried orienting a tool bar along the top of a screen, but moving the mouse to move, minimize or close a window frequently triggers the slideout. I've also tried orienting the tool bar along the right side of the screen, but using a window's scroll bar frequently triggers the slideout. The left side of the screen doesn't really work with my monitor setup.

A short delay in triggering the slideout would would completely solve the issue. The existing "delay" settings mentioned above really aren't delays. In actuality they are reveal and hide speed settings.

Here's to hoping!! :slight_smile:

Opus 12.3

We've added this for the next update.

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This is awesome!! I've been looking around at other docking software, but I've been reluctant to install yet another piece of software to always run in the background when Opus is already such an incredible tool. This issue has really been my only complaint with Opus for quite a while, and to hear that the function will now be added, is exciting.

I'll be counting the days until the next update! Is there any estimated release date for the next update?