Automatic fill in the [#] for sequential numbering in the Rename window

When I click on the "Sequential numbering from" button a help bubble is shown with:
"Use [#] to change where the sequence number is positioned" My intention was, that I now can click the position in the "New name" field and the "[#]" would positioned there automatically. But I seems, that I have to type in the "[#]" by hand. Is this right or have I overseen some hotkey or other possibility to fill it in automatically?
BTW A happy New Year for your all and much succes and happiness on all your ways!

You have to type it, unless you want the number at the end of the name (before the extension), which is the default position.

Ha, I didnĀ“t know/see it until now. This covers indeed 99,99% of all cases. Thanks a lot and a great New Year for you, dear Leo.