Automatic Full Path Selection inside the Locations Field

I hate breadcrumbs, so I have turned them off. My Locations bar now shows the traditional path such as C:\Program Files\Directory Opus. When I click inside the Locations box, I would normally expect the text of the whole path to automatically be selected, but instead it simply places the cursor at the click point. So selecting the path text to copy to clipboard is a more cumbersome process, requiring me to carefully look at the box and select the whole text of the path manually.

Have I changed a setting wrongly so that this behaviour occurs (eg when turning off breadcrumbs)? Is there a setting to allow me to get full path-text selection upon the initial mouse click in there?


Love the Dopus!

Change the field type from Location (Basic) to any of the others, e.g. Location (Favorites List) or Location (Folder Tree)

It's only the basic location field -- the one without any kind of attached drop-down list -- which doesn't select the path when activated.

Alternatively, hit Ctrl-A before Ctrl-C, or use this command on a button or hotkey to avoid using the field at all:

@nofilenamequoting Clipboard SET {sourcepath$|noterm}

Thanks a lot leo!!

  • I changed the field type from Location (Basic) to Location (Folder Tree), and it works perfectly.

  • I made a new button with your command and it works perfectly too!

  • Also, I did not remember that you could put such commands on a hotkey when you make a button (of course, I should have known!). So when I made the button I added a hotkey and tried that too - perfect!

So now I have three excellent solutions. Thanks again!

You can also have standalone hotkeys if you don't want a toolbar button. They're created via Settings -> Customize -> Keys.

Thanks again leo. I did not realise this. I had assumed it was just for editing existing hotkeys. When you click add new hot key, you get the same options as adding a new button, less the actual button part. This is neat for the couple of repetitive things I do that don't really need a button to be clicked. As you imply, its simpler than bothering with a button for my original question.

Many of us users cannot afford the time to go into such depth in the software. However for sheer timesaving, and step-cutting, these abilities are fantastic.