Automatically Scan Folders for Thumbnail View?

Is it possible to have Dopus automatically scan all subfolders and cache the thumbnails so that the Thumbnails shows instantly when the folders are opened?

You can make following button:

Set FLATVIEW=On,MixedNoFolders
Set VIEW=Thumbnails

perhaps including something like

Set Sortby=modified
Set Sortreverse=on

in the "Set Flatview" section.

Thanks. I simply set it to Flat view based on the button idea and it started to scan.

Unfortunately, Dopus crashes after 20-30 min, sometimes with an error stating that there is not enough space (memory?) for the operation. I have plenty of space left in the cache (only 20% of max).

I think it tries to store the thumbnails for everything in the file display in memory, so if you're thumbnailing a huge number of files you can run out of memory.

It could also be a thumbnail plugin/extension crashing.