Automatically Scroll when END is Pressed while Grouping is Active

For a folder in group mode, with all groups collapsed and with the vertical scrollbar visible, pressing END does not automatically scroll the same way it happens when pressing Page Down multiple times.

Pressing Page Down multiple times moves the selection cursor to the last group and the lister is scrolled to display it.

Pressing END moves the selection cursor to the last file, which is not visible because its group is collapsed, and also does not scroll the lister to make its group visible.

Pressing HOME when the last group is selected does select the first group and scrolls the lister.

Is this by design? Should pressing END behave more like pressing Page Down multiple times in this case?

I can reproduce this in the icon modes (e.g. large icons), but not in details or power. Is that consistent with your observations?

Yes. (Tiles mode also has this issue. Not sure if it is considered an icon mode.)

Yes it is. Thanks. Fixed in next update.