Automaticaly calculate folder size

Hi. I found this is the help at!Documents/Calculating_Folder_Sizes.htm but I finsd the manual almoast impenatrabel.

" You can also control automatic calculation on a per-folder basis using the [Folder Formats]system - the Get folder sizes switch on the Options tab of the Folder Options dialog lets you turn counting on or off for any folder."

I have managed to get to Folder Options (by reading a further 2 manual pages) But can find Folder Options.

Dont get me wrong, DO is excelent, its just I find the manual needs work.


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You found Folder Options, but can't find Folder Options?

OK, found it. Manual needs screengrabs. Would make things a lot easier.

PS as part of one of my jobs I write User Guides. They have lots of screengrabs, every step.

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For people who know, it is very difficult to imagine that there are people who do not know.

"That goes without saying"
"Everybody knows that".

Manuals should be written by non-experts who have to have every single step explained to them.