Baby Blue - A Theme in Constant Development

I have been using Directory Opus for several months now, after discovering it merely by chance. Upon testing it for a couple weeks, I didn't hesitate purchasing a copy of this incredibly powerful and extremely versatile software, and I have been searching for an alternative to Explorer for over 30 years, trying out plenty of other file managers over the years, but have always ultimately returned to Windows File Explorer for one reason or another, finding all other options just not for me. Directory Opus is just finally the answer. Now, if DOpus could replace Explorers Open/Save dialogs one day as well, it would be perfect.

Anyway, I will NEVER have a theme which I will consider a finished project, as I am constantly changing one aspect or another in the settings, but I will present to you one I have been working on. The Layout View icons located on one of the toolbars were created by me via Photoshop and I initially had plans to do a complete icon set for DOpus, but have discovered it to be more of a tedious project than anticipated and am pretty sure it will never happen, so I am not even sure if those icons are included in the .DLT file as I added them individually, manually, and not as part of an icon sheet. The theme name comes from the color of the Windows 11 style folders, which I also created, but there are hints of blue within the theme itself as well as the gold highlights. Enjoy! and provide me any constructive feedback as well. -Matt

Baby Blue Dark.dlt (561.9 KB)