Back button with "Back" text

One reasonably smart thing about IE is that it will display the [back] icon including it's text "Back" while leaving the others without text and therefore smaller to conserve real estate.

I've done this with firefox; always make the back button display it's text but the other buttons I don't. Is there a way to do it with DO?

I've turned the label state to ON for the toolbar which shows me the "back" label. But I can't hide the labels for all of the other buttons... I've tried to deactivate them but they still show up.

If you set the label state to "on" for a toolbar (via the Customize dialog) then it forces labels to be on for all buttons in the toolbar. (Similarly if you set it to "off" they're all forced off.)

If you want to be selective about which buttons have labels, set the label state to "default" in the Customize dialog and then edit each button individually to specify whether (and where) its label appears.

Not really sure that this qualifies as "smart" :slight_smile: