Background color Quick Access

DO12 background color of Quick Access is white, where in FileExplorer, in dark mode, it is dark grey. Is it possible to set the background color of windows system folders, like Trash and Quick access also or are this set by the OS?

You can use Preferences / Display / Options / Enable background images in virtual folders to change the background color and/or image in folders which are delegated to the Windows shell.

But there isn't a way to change the text color, so dark backgrounds won't work well there.

Microsoft have not documented any way to switch dark mode on for the shell in 3rd party software. Dark mode in Windows is very half-baked at the moment, and looks set to stay that way (typical Microsoft, these days), although we are investigating workarounds.

Awesome. Thanks for letting me know. And I'm not surprised. Dark is an afterthought and Microsoft have been working with a plethora of different window managers in parallel even in Win 11. Oh well.