Background colour change when [file filter field] is active

Hello, I know this is possible for the quick filter,
(as specified in preferences\colors and fonts\file display background\when quickfilter is active)

But I would like this exact same colour change to also occur when a file filter field is active. I am referring to the field box you can add to toolbars.

Why use those rather than the filter bar?

We consider the old toolbar filters legacy features and probably won't be adding anything to them (unless it's also useful for the filter bar, but that already has what you want).

Hi, thanks for the quick response. I still find them handy as i have a toolbar with three boxes with different arguments, applying to:

-only folders
-only files

But I sometimes forget they are active, and I could eg. accidently delete what i thought is an empty folder.
I would very much appreciate if the colour changes as per the quick filter setting.

The filter bar allows you to only apply filters to files, folders or both.

Ok let me describe a random example.

Suppose I want to show only:

folders beginning with A1.
files containing A2.

I type A1* into the 'folder filter* box.
I type A2 into the 'file filter box.

Of course it is a lot more useful for simplifying complex filters that I create on the fly. Multiple different filters applied at once.
(In fact, theoritically I could create another filter box to 'append' another filter to the display etc.! though i have not tried)

How would this be possible with the quick filter?

True, that example isn't easily possible with the filter bar.

I think it's also pretty rare, though, to create such complex filters which need to treat files and folders differently on the fly, except when searching using the Find tool.

For a while, I used the filter bar for quick filtering and also had a toolbar with all four of the toolbar filters which I could quickly toggle on when I needed to do something more complex. That's an option you could use, and the fact the toolbar was open down the side of the window is a good visual reminder that there's some unusual filtering going on. (In my case, I realised I never used that toolbar anymore so I got rid of it.)

(By the way, you should link your account to make feature requests.)

For the working scheme I use, wanting to apply a different filter to [all items] AND [files], simultaneously, is not a rare scenario.

I have such a toolbar on all the time. If the feature exists in dopus, I might as well make full use of it. Dopus=flexibility. Screen estate is not an issue :slight_smile: