"Backing up" a manual sort

I have a directory that I have painstakingly manually sorted perfectly. I want to make sure that I don't have to do that again, so I'd like to backup or copy this order somehow. When I copy the folder to somewhere else and open it, DOpus does not sort it the same way. Is there a way to copy a directory while maintaining the sorting, or alternatively is there a way to backup the "metadata" that DOpus uses to remember the sorting?

It's stored in the folder's NTFS ADS metadata.

Whether the ADS metadata is included when the folder is backed up or copied depends on the thing doing the backup or copy. Opus can do it (depending on configuration), but will also only copy that data if the copy of the folder is created during the copy. If the folder already exists, the ADS metadata on it will be left alone. File Explorer is the same.

So you probably want a tool for synching ADS metadata from one folder to another. That's definitely possible (and could be done via scripting in a pinch) but I'm not sure what the best option is as it's not something I've looked for before.

Aha! The "Copy all NTFS data streams" option in the settings did the trick for copying with Opus. I'll look into if my backup solution preserves ADS data. Thank you for the help.