Backing up & folders and drives (not configuration)

It's possible or likely that I've missed this topic but I know you won't be surprised. :slight_smile:

I want to backup whole files and drives to other drives on the same PC (not network).
In the past my fav app was Microsoft SyncToy (now at v2.1 for Win-7).
I've also tried Cobian.

The problem with both (unless I've missed some setting) is that they don't backup the ADS bits and pieces so the labels get lost again.

Are there any plans for a full bells & whistles component of DO for backup and restore of files / folders / drives?
Because while it's nice to have a backup in case of disaster, that's just the raw files at the moment and the months and years devoted to labelling 200,000 files (eg. folder complete, folder incomplete, problem with these files, cross reference to alternative name --- all have their own colour for the file name) makes me pause before continuing with that kind of classification of my collection. All must be in one alpha sequence, not in separate collections based on those labels.... that's why labels are needed for each file.

It's a massive hole that, at the moment, I can't schedule a process to run against my collection(s) and backup data that have been added since the last backup... and preserve labelling !

Can we expect anything like this in future, in Opus ?
Please lie to me... if necessary.

There are lots of backup tools which backup ADS.

You can use Opus to sync folders, but if you want something like automated background incremental backups or similar, a dedicated backup tool is the way to go. Macrium make a good one, but there are several good options these days, many fairly new since I last looked (when Acronis and Ghost were the main players).

Thanks for the reply, Leo.
I looked at Macrium free edition but incremental backup isn't available, can't backup files and folders... no use at all. I don't have US$70 to test the paid edition or keep paying for it anyway, unfortunately. I'm poor, sadly.

If any members have practical experience of doing automatic (scheduled) incremental backups and, from experience, you know that they preserve the ADS data, could you please point me to the [cheap] app? I'd be very grateful.

Oh, I should have added that I chose to think this function was part of the file manager, rather than the O/S generally or separate app. Why? Because it suited me, haha.

Try GoodSync, it's not that expensive (especially for how good it is and features it has) and it copies ADS (I've just tried it to be sure).

There is 30 day trial but also a limited free version is available too so you can try them and see.

I use Goodsync all the time manually but it can be set to monitor folders and files then sync. It will also do syncs at set times.

Hey, bytespiller & onedot3

Thank you for the reply.
I ran both the FREE & TRIAL versions and they didn't preserve the ADS - at least, Opus doesn't display the labels in the destination folders.

I didn't tweak any settings... just ran it and let it do what it did.

Anyway, it's simple stuff for you guys but too tough for me.
I'll probably abandon this tech stuff... if I lose my data through a mishap, I'll change hobbies... maybe painting or something... and sent the PC to the landfill.

But thanks for your attempts to help me.
I really have appreciated it.

Take a look at Bvckup2 ($20 for personal)

Super simple, clean interface, can backup in real-time or on a schedule and says it can handle ADS

G'day, Crash ... many tanks for your suggestion.
At this stage, it doesn't seem to do the job - it backs up the ADS for files but not for folders.


(They gave me v78.2 for the 2-weel trial and this "added support" note is for v78.6, but it still works as if it was v78.6... go figure)

The ADS setting is turned off by default but easily enabled.

And this is confirmed by testing :

Problem is that I need ALL ADS files... and the ones for folders are, by far, the most important.

I'll try to contact them and see if I can get some assurances about the fix in an early future release.

Again, thanks for the help, Crash... on this occasion, there was an "and burn", too.

Thanks for clarifying that. I was testing for other reasons a while ago and only remembered seeing ADS support, didn't know it was limited to files only.

Ah so it would seem both programs don't copy ADS for folders but do for files. Weird, must be some specific reason/difficulty...

Hi, bytespiller
Sorry, I didn't include separate files to test when I ran GoodSync... just folders. It didn't occur to me that there'd be a difference. I agree... "weird".
But I got a quick reply from support at Pipe Metrics (who make Bvckup2) about "some specific reason/difficulty..." :

Not supporting ADS on folders comes down to the fact that the backup engine coalesces all copying together, so the operation of “updating a folder” will need to be split into two separate parts, executed separately. This is not a trivial change, there is very little need for it, so it currently sits on a low priority at the bottom of the list. We can re-prioritize this, but we normally do this only if we are looking at a sizeable site installation (from 50 seats). If this applies to your case, let me know and I can see what we can do. If it doesn’t, you can look at using post-backup command to replicate ADS on folders using an external script.

I might tell them about "our" (yes, I feel it's mine) DOpus and why it's needed by a "potential" audience of Biblical proportions.

Looks like you should be able to use this "post-backup command" and use this free tool (supports commandline arguments) or similar to automatically copy the ADS to destination folders every time the backup job is done. Yes it's fiddly, but should work.

If GoodSync free has such "post-job command" support (I'm currently at work so can't verify) you could have all the functionality you need for free!

EDIT: hmm I'm actually not sure if that nirsoft utility supports setting the ADS to folders... but there must be some way to do it with some other utility perhaps...

Take a look at Back4Sure. It's not as easy to use as Bvckup2 (I find the gui and options/wording a little confusing), but does do ADS on files and folders. He doesn't list ADS support in on his page, but I know it works because I asked the programmer to add that in (after donating) many years ago. And since jobs can be started from a command line, they can be started from Dopus. Plus, it's portable and freeware.

Hey, bytespiller
I'm afraid command line stuff is above my pay grade. It's what my mother warned me about. I need GUI exclusively.
It would be useful if the site included dates of versions etc. And the comment about there being problems" from Windows 7" onward may be benign in my case but...
But thanks for the suggestion.
No suggestions go unpunished. heh !

Whoa, Crash !
Looks like we might have a winner !!
It does incremental backup fine.
And seems to do the job as well.

The above result comes from 2 runs.

  1. First, with the same files as shown previously.
  2. With 3 added files and folders -- and it updated just those 3 in place (I checked the Confirmations (tab) - "Show a list of files to be backed up" and it only showed 2, but updated the correct 3.

I'll play around with it a bit but I think I'll end up choosing this one.
It's ultra-simple.

Thank you indeed !!! This proves that God exists.
But if I come across any speed bumps, I'll report back here so other users don't get done by Satan entering the picture.

:rofl: :grinning: :smiley: :smile:

Also, since Back4Sure is Open Source, Jon & Leo can sharpen their coding pencil and implement something like it as an Opus add-on.
If that's ethical (sorry, I don't know anything about Open Source except that source code is provided for anyone to read).

Glad you might of found a solution that works for you :slight_smile:

Glad you might of found a solution that works for you

Me, too, Crash. Every week something happens that I feel everyone's out to get me, hah ! Good to know you and bytespiller are out there rescuing folk :slight_smile:


BTW, the Back4Sure site does mention support for ADS folders, but in the changelog :slight_smile:

And bytespiller, I'm now studying Command Line and Windows PowerShell as a result of stuff you said so thanks for that, too.



I'm glad you didn't give up, you being a Opus user proves that you're a power user at heart :+1: