Backup and Restore excluding Tabgroups and Favorites


when backing up DO settings on PC (A) and restoring them on PC (B), I would like to delete all settings for tab groups and favorites before restoring. Is this possible?

Reason: on (B) not all folders are available that exist on (A) but I still want to keep toolbar settings and other things around.


Tab groups are stored here: /dopusdata\TabGroups

If you want to use Settings > Backup & Restore, but want to remove some things from the backup file it creates, you can rename the .ocb file to .zip to look inside it, then e.g. delete the TabGroups folder so it won't overwrite the tab groups when you restore the backup (on another machine).

Obviously, when restoring, don't turn on the "replace entire existing config" option, as that would delete that machine's tab groups.

If you only want to copy certain settings to other machines, copying individual files/folders (e.g. the Buttons folder contains all the toolbars and context menus) is another option. It's usually best to fully exiting Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) before copying or replacing any config files, as some are only loaded at startup/exit.

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That worked perfectly well! Thanks!

Favorites got restored as well, did not need them though and hat to remove them manually. Did not find any occurrences in the saved .OCB file from (A).