Backup / Restore Configuration - how to view the backup description

I am using both Dopus 11 Pro and Dopus 12 Pro. In the Backup Configuration dialog boxes, there is a page with an option to add a description to the backup file. However, I see no way of viewing this information later. It doesn't seem to appear in the Restore Configuration process, and the Dopus Viewer and Viewer Pane won't show it either. Am I missing something ?

I would think this info would, at the very least, appear when selecting a backup in the Restore process. It would also be nice if the integrated viewer could also display this info.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

The Description column will display it:

Thanks, but I've already tried that, and nothing appears. Several of these backups were given descriptions but they don't appear.

I'm not sure why it wouldn't show up there.

If you have 7-Zip installed and open the .ocb file in it, you can also right-click the background after entering the file, then choose Properties, and it shows up int he Comment field ("Test" in my example below):

Thanks, Leo. That definitely works in 7-zip, but this same file not showing description in Dopus 12.


Regardless, I think it would be really helpful to have the description appear in the Restore Configuration window by default:

What do I need to do to troubleshoot this lack of description showing in Dopus?

Have you disabled Opus's zip support or anything like that?

No, all the ZIP options are at their defaults.

Does the Description column work at all, e.g. for JPG files?

(Check Opus but ignore Explorer and the File Open/Save dialogs, as the shell's Description column is unrelated to the Opus one.)

yes, the description field is working for other items. For example, shows dimensions for JPG files.

I was going to post an enhancement request for this but then found this thread. Unfortunately, as @Tridens reported, the backup description DOES NOT appear in the Description metadata. See screenshot below. I'm currently running 13.4.3 Beta but as you can see from the file dates if this is supposed to work then it hasn't been since at least Opus 12.

I ran exiftool on the files and found that the Comment tag was present and contained the description entered in the Backup dialog. However, I was unable to find an Opus column name that corresponded to that Comment tag. I tried Description, User Description and Comments but none of them worked. I was unable to find any command arguments or functions that would enable me to create a custom column that gets the Comment (not Comments) EXIF data.

I believe this topic should be reactivated and addressed in an upcoming version. If it's supposed to work as you say, then there's a bug. If not, then take this as my request for a feature!

Here's what I got running exiftool:

exiftool.bat -Comment "Opus Config - 2022-10-13.ocb" "Opus Config - 2024-03-30 01-20.ocb"

======== Opus Config - 2022-10-13.ocb
Comment : Includes my first round of customizations.
======== Opus Config - 2024-03-30 01-20.ocb
Comment : Fix abbreviations in context menu labels; remove redundant Edit with Notepad++ (TXT) context menu on file type TXT.

P.S. Description works fine for me elsewhere. I have lots of them, especially on scripts I write, so many of my folder formats include a Description column.

This seems to work if you add .ocb to the list in Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files:

2024-03-30 - 19.20.14

Set COLUMNSTOGGLE="desc(!,a,0)"
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Thank you so much! That worked like a charm!!!

This also provides another feature I was going to request -- the ability to compare two configuration backups. I hadn't realized that .ocb was actually a zip archive, and now that I can open and extract them I can compare their XML content with Beyond Compare.

May I suggest adding a paragraph or two about these items to Backing Up and Restoring Preferences? Perhaps something like:

A backup file is a zip archive with the extension .ocb. If you add .ocb to the set of zip file extensions in the Zip Files preferences, you will be able to see the comments you added when you created the backup by adding Description as a Lister column.

You will also be able to extract the content into a folder and subfolders. The content consists of folders and files with (primarily) XML content. Extracting two backups into separate folders would enable their comparison using folder/file comparison tools. Updating the content and restoring is not recommended, but this can be a useful method to narrow down the changes between two backup points.

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In 13.4.4 we'll make it show the description even if the file extension isn't added to the zip config.


i realize this probably isn't what was wanted, but if one goes to Settings _> Backup and Restore ..., then selects Restore configuration, and then selects a backup, the description stored with that backup, if any, is shown.


Any chance you could also allow the description to be changed with Ctrl-P?

Alternatively, how about a preference setting to enforce that a description is entered? Much like Git does with comments. For me, that's usually what happens. I simply forget to enter a description and there's no reminder or enforcement of it.

Yes, I was aware of the ability to see the descriptions via Restore. I just thought it odd that the description wasn't added as metadata to the file. Turns out it was and the answer from @lxp provided what I needed to make that happen -- and, as it turned out, to allow me to compare two configurations!

Could 13.4.4 have removed the .ocb entry from Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Zip Files? It's missing in my config and I don't remember removing it manually.

It's not part of the default config (since 13.0 at least; haven't checked further back than that) but if it's in your config then 13.4.4 shouldn't have removed it.

It's still there in my config, after installing 13.4.4 this morning.

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I tested your scenario by installing 12.33 in Windows Sandbox, creating a backup, then trying to open it with Opus Archive. It wasn't recognized as a zip archive. Then I added .ocb to the zip extension list and it worked just fine.

Once that was done I installed 13.4.3 to upgrade from 12.33. Windows Sandbox rebooted but kept my files. I checked the zip setting and the .ocb extension was still there.

There must have been some other reason your config didn't have .ocb in the zip extension list.

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