Backup without personal data

Is there a way to backup directory opus without any personal data and data that is specific for this PC, or is there a list of those setting files?

What should not be in it for example:
[li]ftp data[/li]
[li]license data[/li]

This would allow me to easily share my customizations with friends and people on this forum without having to worry about releasing personal data and allowing them to start with a clean configuration.

Backup file is a simple archive. So you can rename file to .zip and delete what you want...

It's better to share the individual customisation, not a whole config, you don't wipe out all the user's settings when they install it.

If it's a button or a toolbar you want to share, you can save those to individual files for sharing.

If it's background images, you can make a theme.

Icons, you can make an icon-set.

Rename presets, can be exported to a file.

That doesn't leave much else, with most other tweaks (e.g. changes to Preferences settings) being better described in words than config files.

Thats the other problem: I started that profile years ago, so i don't remember most of the changes.

And you want to give those unknown changes to other people with no way to tell them what alterations it'll make to their configurations? Doesn't seem like a good idea. :slight_smile: