Base64 encoded button images

I would like to be able to provide an icon for a button as base64 encoded So that the icon 'travels' with the button when you copy it.
This would be good for sharing buttons via these forums or for when running Dopus on PC's with different configurations.

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Interesting idea.

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I read last night that you can now package images with scripts. I will check this out as I believe it will do what I was thinking.

Yes if it's a script you want to share then a script package lets you include icons as well.

Yep that is what I wanted to do. I want to try get a script to a point where its transportable, with images, sample buttons and so on.

I can still see a benefit for a base42 encoded images. I think of buttons that are not complex enough for a script that people want to share, with the copy of the buttons xml could have the image in it.
Any ways, thanks for the reply mate.

+1 for adding Base64 support for button Icons


I just almost posted new topic with this same idea. It is a bit old and I wonder if we could resurrect it. I think this would be great for our buttons sharing. :slight_smile:

Yes, please add this. I often thought how it would be nice to have images embedded into buttons themselves. Whenever I share some useful button with others at work, they never get any custom button images by default (and it's PITA to go distribute button images separately and for them to copy them separately and whatnot).

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