Basic search on Menu Bar top right fails on new laptop if name has hyphen

Just trying to find urgently needed files after merging old and new laptops only to discover that windows File Explorer finds the file no problem but Ops stops finding if I type one character beyond the hyphen in the name.

Opus finds all of these:

Opus fails to find:


Is there a configuration I can adjust to copy the File Explorer search behavior ??

The query is sent to Windows Search and Opus doesn't process it at all, so it's surprising that there is a difference. I'm not sure why that is, as it's something Windows Search is doing. It certainly used to be the same in File Explorer as well, as there are threads about it on the web.

*MMWSE-2* works, but only with both *s which is also odd, and might mean it's matching more things than it should be.

~"MMWSE-2*" is probably the correct way to do it (based on the answers here How to search files at windows folder search that have dash - Super User) but a lot to type.

name:~MMWSE-2* also works, and will mean file contents are not searched.

Using Tools > Find Files will give you Opus's own search functionality, which works in a much more straightforward way. We plan to make this an option for the search field in the future, as Windows Search seems to be getting worse and worse (and also just keeps changing its syntax for some reason, making it hard to keep up with how to use it).

The speed of your response is refreshing. The problem is it was working fine and fast and it still works in File Explorer.

Tools Find takes away the ease of use and then I feel I need to address every possible option:
1-more time consuming
2-more error prone

Can you recommend anything else that is lightweight fast ?