Batch command continuation

Is there a way to utilize command line continuation in DOpus custom batch commands? The standard Windows method of doing this is ^ at the end of each line to be continued, followed by CRLF, some other character (which gets removed), and then the continued command, like so:

ExifTool -m -charset iptc=utf8 -IPTC:CodedCharacterSet=UTF8 ^
 "-EXIF:ImageDescription<${EXIF:ImageDescription;s/^(?:\xEF\xBB\xBF)?//}" .

The above code works when I run it from a batch file outside of DOpus, but inside of DOpus I get “The system cannot find the file specified” (the dot at the end of the command tells ExifTool to operate on all files in current directory).

That might work if you set the button's Function type to MS-DOS Batch.

(Other than that, you could use scripting to build up a command string across multiple lines and then run it.)

Already is. Oh well.

It seems to work OK for a simple command at least, e.g.

echo hello ^

When set to an MS-DOS Batch Function, this outputs "hello there" on one line.

Well, I’m at a loss as to why it wouldn’t work for my use case, but it’s not the end of the world, so probably not worth pursuing. But I’m here if anybody thinks of anything.